The Benefits of Regular Office Window Cleaning

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The Benefits of Regular Office Window Cleaning

In a busy office, it’s vital that employers have a productive and motivated workforce. If we’re brutally honest, many office jobs aren’t that exciting, and even the most dedicated workers can start to feel sluggish and underperform.

It’s therefore important that employers do all they can to create a stimulating and uplifting office environment. This doesn’t mean you need to copy the big tech companies and install slides, table football and free vending machines. It’s often the little details that make the biggest difference to employees well being and job satisfaction.

One of the most important factors in creating a pleasant office environment is the presence of natural light. Natural light has been shown to boost productivity, enhance peoples moods and increase energy levels.

Many offices, especially those of a newer design, have large windows which were added to allow natural light to flood in. The problem with this is that many businesses simply don’t have their windows cleaned often enough to take full advantage. Grime and dirt, often built up over several years, block light from entering and also provide workers with a gloomy outlook.

Regular office window cleaning solves this problem quickly and cheaply, and clean windows have several other benefits too.

Regular Office Window Cleaning Benefits

Business Image

First impressions count and if the first thing visitors see is dirty, grimy windows what message are you sending. A well presented and professional office environment is an important first step in any business relationship. Whether your entertaining customers, meeting suppliers or interviewing new staff, gleaming, shiny windows make an excellent first impression.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Regular office window cleaning is also an important maintenance task that could save your business thousands. As dirt and grime build up bacteria also grows. Over time this will damage seals, hinges and frames. This damage can lead to leaks and more often than not, replacement windows being required.

Health Benefits

The build-up of bacteria, which we’ve mentioned above, can also become a health hazard. Staff members coming into contact or working near dirty windows could be affected and suffer health issues as a result.

Reduce Electricity Bills

This is a benefit that will appeal to all business owners. Dirt and grime build up on office windows prevent natural light from entering the building. This increases the need for artificial lighting and, as we all know, electricity is far from free.


It’s common knowledge that natural sunlight has a number of great benefits to humans. It can help people feel happier, healthier, calmer and be more productive. A recent survey carried out in the Canada  found that natural light and views of the outdoors were the most important attributes workers looked for in their workplaces.

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